Talking to myself in the studio

Artists have loads of time to think while they make work. Painting is a cognitive process as much as a physical activity of the eye and hand. When I was [...]

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New Paintings at SAM Gallery

I'm excited to start 2018 as a featured new artist at SAM Gallery, part of the Seattle Art Museum. I'll be showing new panels exploring complexity in the woods. I [...]

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The Color Charts

Color chart inspired by a fresco wall, Villa of Livia, Museo delle Terme, Rome. Frank Gehry's kitchen, Santa Monica. Couldn't find my way around the greens with [...]

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Otto’s Designs on Vienna

I took some time after my January show to study art history, focusing on Art Nouveau in Europe (1890-1910). It's an important period partly because the backlash against its excesses led to modernism, with its [...]

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A Few Inspirations for my Painting

I'd like to start a post which I can add to over time, a collection of the inspirations I find important at the moment.  Here's my first installment. January 2017 [...]

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