The Color Charts

The Color Charts

Color chart inspired by a fresco wall, Villa of Livia, Museo delle Terme, Rome.

Frank Gehry’s kitchen, Santa Monica. Couldn’t find my way around the greens with Italian terre verte, so I added emerald green to my palette. This caused a temporary jolt in the color chart but eventually some incredible mixes appeared. Caption says Frank Gehry replaced the color with white in a subsequent remodel – I trust Frank’s judgment, but I love the “before” palette, too!

Another day inspired by Frank Gehry’s materials. This is the Center for the Visual Arts, University of Toledo, Ohio. Lead coated copper panels in the snow. Architectural alpenglow. Effet de Neige. I think I love this one.

Frank Gehry’s Der Neue Zollhof, Düsseldorf is so interesting to analyze. Enjoying all the colors created by plaster, brick and steel in sunlight. Ran out of room before getting to the water and reflections. Definitely need to do more charts of his work.

One of my favorite paintings at the De Young in San Francisco, David Smith’s 1959 spray paint wonder ‘Ovals on Stilts’. Played with his direct blue/orange/white/yellow palette, then kept mixing away into greens, tomatoes and clays. Kept it colorful.

1897 Norwegian tapestry by Gerhard Munthe. The color arrangement surprised me, the figures disappear into the background. I love this palette in oil paint. Definitely a favorite so far, very Pacific NW.

1909 Swedish weaving by Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom, a beautiful moody nocturne. I lightened the palette up a bit to break out the color. I’m having flashbacks to dark winter months during my Seattle childhood, admiring the textile and ceramic art in my Scandinavian American friends’ houses. Lots of candles and Santa Lucia…

Started out looking at colors in Bauhaus master Gunta Stolzl’s wall hanging, but ended up trying to find subtle combinations of intense primaries. Guess I’m the boss of me.

Today’s chart started with Hundertwasser and finished with neutrals helped along by emerald green.

Painted a new oil chart. The Renaissance tapestry was woven in Brussels for the Spanish Monarchy, c 1520-30. I’m realizing these artisans understood optical mixing hundreds of years before those French guys took credit for the concept.

This chart based on an ancient Peruvian (Chimu) litter 1100-1470AD, materials include wood and mother of pearl. Love this color palette so much, a keeper for sure

Nazca weaving 100-700AD. After I figured out the earthy vegetable colors, I added Italian terre verte and created rows of neutrals. Reminds me of all the Benjamin Moore paint chips I’ve collected because I’m too frugal to buy the fan deck.

Chicago School! Louis Sullivan, mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright. Ornament from Garrick Theater and Henry Babson House. Love painting the gilt and verdigris. Especially the verdigris.

New color chart inspired by a Japanese silk wall hanging from the Meiji period. I added mossy colors to make the palette useful for the PNW forests I plan to paint. Time to call it a day!

And todeii (today), a chart inspired by ancient Pompeii. Impossible to go wrong here with these colors

Exploring colors in a Persian royal portrait, Mughal, India c. 1650. Love the turquoise, and also the clays and sandy greens.

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