Paintings at Smith & Vallee Gallery

Paintings at Smith & Vallee Gallery

I paint the wild places, but on an intimate scale.  My woodland paintings are an interior view, not just of the forest, but also of my own spiritual and intellectual experience of nature.

Emergent Modernism | oil on panel, 24 x 18" Available

Emergent Modernism | oil on panel, 24 x 18″

I’m especially inspired when I find combinations of the epic and the tiny, and take the time to contemplate and observe. I enter an old growth forest and feel deeply refreshed and connected.  But my methodical self also sees a trove of data to analyze:  the tiny moss and giant trees, decaying logs, new growth, still forest duff and fast rushing water.  What are the proportions of one to its opposite, and how do those proportions change as I move through the space? Can I gently group and rearrange, and somehow let the data speak its own truth?  I try to create an overarching structure, then fill the armature with the color and detail of pattern that conveys my original perception.  That process is meditative to me.  The result is a view which might be recognizable to a naturalist, but is mostly out of my head, a manipulation.

I have several new paintings at Smith & Vallee Gallery, where I’m part of a three-person show with Michelle Schutte and Ellen Jane Michael.  We had an amazing reception on January 9, and the show continues through January 31, 2016. I hope you are able to visit the Skagit Valley and see the show; January is excellent for bird watching, especially bald eagles!


Forest Floor Devotional | oil on panel, 18x18Available

Forest Floor Devotional | oil on panel, 18×18


Smith & Vallee Gallery
5742 Gilkey Avenue, Edison, WA 98232
an hour north of Seattle, 20 minutes south of Bellingham
January 6-31, 2016
open every day 11am-5pm

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