A Few Inspirations for my Painting

I'd like to start a post which I can add to over time, a collection of the inspirations I find important at the moment.  Here's my first installment. January 2017 [...]

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Memento Vivere, a Reminder to Live, to be Alive

Life in medieval Europe was tough. Sudden death was common, and people accepted early mortality and disease as an inevitable part of daily life. Much of the art focused on educating people [...]

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Space and the Natural Landscape

Heather Lake Spatial Event | casein and oil on wood panel, 30 x 30. Collection of Group Health Cooperative For many years I've studied how artists depict space, [...]

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Paintings at Smith & Vallee Gallery

I paint the wild places, but on an intimate scale.  My woodland paintings are an interior view, not just of the forest, but also of my own spiritual and intellectual [...]

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Recommended Reading

Featured artists join Suzanne at her book signing party. From top left: Marc Bohne, Nadia Hakki, Suzanne Brooker, Victoria Adams, Renato Muccillo, Louise Britton. Front row from left: Christine [...]

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