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The Color Charts

Color chart inspired by a fresco wall, Villa of Livia, Museo delle Terme, Rome. Frank Gehry's kitchen, Santa Monica. Couldn't find my way around the greens with [...]

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Otto’s Designs on Vienna

I took some time after my January show to study art history, focusing on Art Nouveau in Europe (1890-1910). It's an important period partly because the backlash against its excesses led to modernism, with its [...]

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January 2017 Show at Smith | Vallee Gallery

Growth Patterns An exhibit of my new oil paintings with ceramics by Brian O'Neill My biggest show yet. I am so grateful to the gallery and their support of my art practice. I'm [...]

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A Few Inspirations for my Painting

I'd like to start a post which I can add to over time, a collection of the inspirations I find important at the moment.  Here's my first installment. January 2017 [...]

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Memento Vivere, a Reminder to Live, to be Alive

Life in medieval Europe was tough. Sudden death was common, and people accepted early mortality and disease as an inevitable part of daily life. Much of the art focused on educating people [...]

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