Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Statement 2015-10-17T00:49:17+00:00


I AM AN ANALYST. I’m attracted to chaos and any opportunity to arrange complex shapes in imagined space. I think of natural forms as organic data points on my imagined x, y and z axes, and nature is my source for big data.

I study art history paying special attention to the intellectual paths others have taken. I am fascinated by painters such as Piet Mondrian, whose constant searching moved his work from representational Dutch landscape to the logical abstract linear conclusion we all recognize. In his quest, he adopted and discarded ideas until he arrived at his truth.

My current path explores flat and dimensional space, using color and patterning of interlocking shapes. Recently I’ve combined deep space with vertical foregrounds that sit close to the panel surface. These experiments mix Renaissance perspective in a natural landscape with the color and paint applications of a modernist. Plants are often protagonists in my little visual dramas. Fallen logs pierce a polychrome forest. Blue leaves form a flat screen obscuring deep woodlands. A river bank falls away from Japanese leaves. Sometimes I try to create a certain spatial effect, sometimes I use plants as armature for color, always I reach a point where intuition overtakes logic.

I am driven by this potential of an artistic life: to encounter the ideas of art history, consider their new applications, and perhaps produce something unexpected, compelling and full of meaning for the viewer.